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Top 9 Websites to Find a Book Title by Plot or Subject

Book Title

Wishing someone could help me find a book.

Have you ever remembered a book’s story but forgotten its title? 

Finding a book title by plot can be tricky. 

But don’t worry! There are websites to help you. 

These sites are gems that guide you to the book you’re looking for. Imagine them as detectives, solving the mystery of your forgotten book title. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 9 websites where you can find a book title by its plot or subject. Prepare to unfold these helpful tools to reconnect you with your lost book treasures.

Why Use Websites to Find a Book Title by Plot? 

Using websites to find a book title by plot is super helpful. Imagine trying to remember a book you loved, but the title slips your mind. Instead of getting frustrated, you can use these websites. They are like detectives for books. You tell them what happens in the story, and they help figure out the title. This is perfect for sharing a book with a friend or finding it in the library again. Plus, for writers and authors, understanding how readers find a book title by plot can help the author engage the reader better. If you’re an author looking to create a journal to sell or explore book writing services, knowing these websites can also give you ideas on describing your book so people can find it easily. It’s all about making connections between the story and the reader.

Top 9 Websites to Use

When you want to find a book title by plot but can’t remember how these websites are like best friends who help you remember. Each one has a special way to help you find a book you forgot the name of. Let’s check them out:

1. Goodreads

Imagine a place where all book lovers talk about their favorite books. Goodreads is that place. If you’re looking for a book but only remember the story, you can ask other readers here. They’re like detectives who love books as much as you do.

2. What Should I Read Next? 

This website is like a magic ball. You tell it about a book you like, and it tells you about other similar books. It’s great for looking for a book like your favorites.

3. LibraryThing 

LibraryThing is like a giant bookshelf with every book you can think of. You can find books by talking about the story or what the book is about. It’s a handy book finder by plot.

4. Bookbrowse

Bookbrowse is where you can find books by the kind of story they tell. Whether it’s a story set long ago or one about a big mystery, this website can help you find it.

5. Reddit’s r/whatsthatbook

Reddit has a special corner called r/whatsthatbook, where you can ask about a book you can’t remember. Tell them the story; someone might know exactly which book you’re talking about.

6. Whichbook

Whichbook is different because it lets you pick books based on how you want to feel. It’s perfect for remembering how a book made you feel but not the title.

7. The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is like the biggest library ever. You can look up books by what they’re about. If you remember something about the book’s subject, this place might help you find its title.

8. Google Books

Google Books is like having a superpower to look inside books. If you remember a line or a phrase from the book, you can find the book by searching for those words.

9. WorldCat

WorldCat connects you to thousands of libraries all over the world. If you know a little about the book’s story, you can find out which library has it. It’s like a worldwide book hunt.

These websites are not just for finding lost book titles. They’re also great for authors who want to ensure their books are easy to find. If you’re thinking about book publishing services or want to create a journal to sell, knowing how to describe your book can make it easier for readers to discover. Plus, revising and editing are key steps where these sites can offer inspiration for making your book the best it can be.

Tips for Remembering and Finding Your Book

Sometimes, finding a book you forgot the name of can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry! There are tricks to make it easier. Here are some tips to help jog your memory and use these websites more effectively:

  • Think About the Details

Try to remember any details about the book. What were the characters like? Where was it set? Even small details can help you find a book title by plot.

  • Describe the Feelings

Think about how the book made you feel. Was it funny, sad, or exciting? Sharing your emotions can be a big clue for others trying to help you find a book you forgot the name of.

  • Use Keywords

Use keywords describing the book’s plot, characters, or themes. Using these keywords on websites can help narrow down your search.

  • Ask Friends and Family

Talking about the book with friends or family can sometimes help bring up forgotten details. They might even know the title!

  • Hire a Book Editor

If you’re an author and want to ensure your book is memorable and easy to find, consider working with a book editor. A book editor can help refine your book’s plot and make it stand out. This can make it easier for readers to remember and recommend your book.


Finding a lost book title isn’t as hard as it seems when you use the right tools and tips. Remember these strategies whether you’re looking for a book you once loved or trying to make your own book easier for readers to discover. Happy searching, and don’t forget, there’s always a way to find a book you forgot the name of. Keep exploring and enjoying the wonderful world of books!

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