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Kate Cross

Kate Cross is a seasoned writer who plays a crucial role within the American Book Writing team, serving as a dedicated book and ebook writer. Her reputation in the literary sphere has been solidified through her unwavering commitment to the craft and her innate ability as a captivating storyteller.

10 Great Websites to Get Book Reviews and Book Ratings

Goodreads, LibraryThing, NetGalley, and more. Learn about 10 Great Websites to Get Book Reviews and Ratings” to boost your book’s visibility and credibility.

Top 9 Websites to Find a Book Title by Plot or Subject

How to find a book title by plot –practical tips for readers and authors alike, ensuring you can always reconnect with those lost literary resources.

How Many Books Do You Need To Be Considered A Library – ABW

How many books do you need to be considered a library? Start and grow your library, making it a community hub for sharing and celebrating the love of reading.

How to Print a Book: The Complete Beginner’s Guide?

Learn how to print a book from start to finish. An essential guide for beginners embarking on a book printing journey.

How to Make a Booklet in Word (Format & Printing Steps)

Learn how to make a booklet in Word (format & printing steps) effortlessly with step-by-step instructions. Perfect format and printing tips included.

Top 10 Independent Comic Book Publishers in the World

Top 10 Independent comic book publishers: Different, creative storytellers shaping comics with special stories. Check out their works for exciting tales.

5 Trusted EBook Design Services Options for Indie Authors

Reedsy, 99designs, Damonza, BookBaby, and BespokeBookCovers offer professional ebook design services. They help indie authors with unique and easy designs.

8 Steps to Successfully Publish Your eBook on Amazon

Learn how to publish an ebook on Amazon: Write, format, upload to KDP, set price, write a description, publish, promote. Reach global readers easily with Amazon.

How to Start a Book Club: 14 Practical Steps to Success?

Discover 14 practical steps on how to start a book club! From choosing genres to organizing meetings, learn how to start and sustain your literary group.

Colleen Hoover Books in Order: Full Series Checklist

Here are Colleen Hoover’s books in order. Enjoy how the series is made to get the most out of it. Here is how she wrote all her 27 books in 10 years.

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