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10 Great Websites to Get Book Reviews and Book Ratings

Book Reviews

Finding your next read can seem daunting in the vast ocean of literature available today. Thankfully, many websites dedicated to book reviews and ratings can help guide your choices. 

These websites are super helpful, whether you love to read all the time and need new suggestions or if you’re an author and want some reviews on your book. Maybe you’ve even worked with a ghostwriter and want to see how your collaboration is received. Here’s a roundup of ten great book review sites where you can find comprehensive book reviews and ratings.

1. Goodreads: 

Goodreads is essentially the haven for book lovers across the globe. Imagine a place where you can keep a log of all the books you’ve read, share ratings, and write reviews. It’s like a cozy internet corner just for your reading habits.

But what makes the Goodreads book review website stand out is its community. You can see your friends’ reading, exchange recommendations, and discuss your favorite books. There’s also a feature called ‘Ask the Author,’ where you can interact directly with the authors and participate in Q&A sessions.

For those who love a good challenge, Goodreads offers yearly reading challenges. You can set a goal for how many books you want to read in a year and track your progress. It’s fun to motivate yourself and compare your reading journey with friends.

Goodreads also tailor book recommendations based on your reading history. So, the more you use it, the better it is at suggesting books you’ll likely enjoy. 

2. LibraryThing: 

LibraryThing is an amazing book review site that takes the concept of cataloging books to a whole new level. Here, you can keep track of the books you’ve read and catalog the books you own. It’s like having a virtual library at your fingertips to organize your collection, annotate your reads, and even wrap a book with virtual tags for effortless searching.

What distinguishes this book review website is its emphasis on the community aspect. It’s more than just reviews and ratings; it’s about connecting with people who share similar interests. There are forums and groups dedicated to various genres and topics where you can engage in in-depth discussions about your favorite books and authors.

It also offers unique features like the ‘Early Reviewers’ program, where members can receive free books in exchange for reviews. Plus, you can attend virtual book events and author chats, making it a vibrant community for literary enthusiasts.

3. BookBub:

BookBub is one of the best book rating websites for book lovers, especially if you’re a fan of e-books. Picture a place where you get notifications about discounts and deals on books that match your interests. That’s BookBub! It’s designed to ensure you never miss a chance to snag great reads at lower prices.

Signing up is simple. Once you set up your profile and select your favorite genres, BookBub sends you personalized recommendations for deals. These could range from bestsellers to hidden gems across a variety of genres. Imagine getting the latest thriller or a cozy mystery novel at a fraction of the price in your inbox.

But it’s not just about deals. BookBub also provides reviews and ratings to help you decide if a book is right for you. Plus, you can see what books are trending and explore new releases, making it a comprehensive tool for discovering your next great read without breaking the bank.

For authors and publishers looking to broaden their audience, BookBub plays a critical role. Through book marketing services, it becomes an impressive channel to promote books and capture the attention of avid readers. By featuring their work on BookBub, they can significantly enhance their book’s visibility and appeal to prospective readers.

4. Amazon: 

Amazon is like the grand library of the digital age, with a seemingly endless selection of books. You can treat it like book review sites and even book rating websites. Just by scrolling through the product pages, you can find detailed reviews from readers worldwide.

One of the features that makes Amazon stand out is the variety of reviews. You’ll find everything from short and sweet comments to long, detailed critiques that go deep into the plot, characters, and writing style. This diversity allows you to get a well-rounded view of the book before purchasing.

Another plus is the ‘Look Inside’ feature, where you can peek inside the book and read a few pages. This, combined with the reviews, helps you decide whether it’s the right book for you.

Amazon also has a ranking system showing you how books perform in different categories. This can be a fun way to discover popular reads you might not have heard otherwise.

For authors, Amazon offers a platform to reach an international audience. Through user reviews, authors can gain insights into their readers’ thoughts and preferences, which can be invaluable for their future works.

5. Kirkus Reviews: 

Kirkus Reviews stands out as one of the popular book review websites where expert reviewers share their honest opinions about new books. Think of it as a high-standard critique club where only the most insightful reviews are cut.

Every review on Kirkus gives you a thorough look at a book’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s a hidden indie gem or a big release from a famous author, Kirkus doesn’t hold back on its opinions. This makes it an excellent place for readers who appreciate depth and insight in reviews before they decide to dive into a book.

Besides reviews, Kirkus offers author interviews, giving readers behind-the-scenes glimpses and a deeper understanding of the books they love or are curious about. It’s like being part of an exclusive book club where you get to know all about making your favorite reads.

For authors, getting a book reviewed by Kirkus is often seen as a badge of honor. A positive review can boost a book’s visibility and credibility, opening doors to a wider audience. 

6. Litsy: 

Imagine combining the joy of reading with the fun of social media interactions. That’s Litsy for you! It’s one of the unique book review websites where book lovers can share reviews, quotes, and photos all related to their reading adventures. Think of it as Instagram, but it is dedicated entirely to books.

On Litsy, you can follow other readers, authors, and publishers, getting a daily feed filled with bookish content. Whether you want to share your current read, a beautiful quote that struck you, or a photo of your cozy reading nook, Litsy is the place to celebrate your love for books with a community that gets it.

One of the coolest things about Litsy is the positive and supportive atmosphere. It feels like a big, friendly book club where everyone’s eager to discover new reads and share favorites. You can also track your reading progress, making it a motivating tool to read more.

Authors and publishers can use this friendly platform to share sneak peeks, insights, or exclusive editions, engaging with an enthusiastic audience and cultivating followers for their creations. When expanding their reach beyond the Litsy universe, a book promotion service can be an invaluable ally, helping showcase their work to an even broader audience. 

7. Bookish: 

Bookish is an amazing book review site designed to help you discover new books that match your tastes perfectly. One of the best parts is its personalized recommendations. Just share a little about what books or genres you love, and Bookish will do the rest, guiding you to your next favorite read.

The site isn’t just about recommendations. It’s packed with insightful reviews, author interviews, and fascinating articles about various aspects of the literary world. Whether you’re a fan of thrilling novels, heartfelt romances, or informative non-fiction, Bookish brings you closer to the stories and the people behind them.

Another cool feature is the themed lists. These curated lists can introduce you to books within specific genres or themes you might not have explored otherwise. It’s like having a themed bookshelf at your fingertips, ready to explore anytime.

8. Book Riot: 

Book Riot is a place for readers looking to broaden their horizons with books from all walks of life. Book Riot takes pride in its commitment to diversity, covering various genres, authors, and themes. This makes it an ideal spot for readers seeking stories beyond the mainstream.

Book Riot isn’t just reviews and recommendations; it’s a lively community where you can find podcasts, videos, and articles dedicated to books. Whether looking for thought-provoking discussion pieces about the literary world or fun book-related quizzes, Book Riot keeps your love for reading fresh and exciting.

One of the site’s strengths is its lists. There’s always something new and interesting to discover, from “must-read” collections across different genres to book suggestions based on your favorite TV shows or movies. It’s like having a friend constantly suggesting great reads that you’d never think to pick up on your own.

9. NetGalley: 

NetGalley is like a VIP backstage pass for book lovers who can’t wait to read the latest stories. It’s an online space where publishers give people early copies of new books before they’re officially out. In return, readers share their honest thoughts and reviews about the books.

It’s perfect if you enjoy sharing your thoughts about books with others. You could be a blogger who writes about books, talks about them on YouTube, or just anyone who loves to give book recommendations to friends. On NetGalley, you help create a buzz about new books and help others find reads they’ll enjoy.

To get books on NetGalley, you sign up, pick the books you’re interested in, and then request to read them. Not every request is approved, but when yours is, you’re on your way to discovering something exciting and new. It’s a great way to be part of the book world’s inner circle and help authors and publishers by sharing your reviews.

10. The New York Times Book Review: 

The New York Times Book Review is like an old, wise librarian who has seen it all. For many book lovers, this is the go-to place for professional reviews that dig deep into what a book is about and whether it’s worth your time. They look at the biggest new books every week and give their thoughts.

The reviews in The New York Times are known for being detailed, smart, and helpful. They’re written by folks who understand books and what makes a good story. If you like to think deeply about what you read and want reviews beyond just “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it,” then these reviews could be just what you’re looking for.

It’s not just reviews, either. The Book Review section also includes interviews with authors, top book lists, and articles about trends in the book world. It can help you feel connected to a larger conversation about books and reading. If you see high praise for a book here, it often means it is something special.


The global reading community is more connected than ever in the digital age. These ten book review websites offer many options for finding book reviews and ratings. This makes it easier to select your next great read or to receive feedback on your published work. 

Whether you’re drawn to the digital convenience of securing an ebook deal on BookBub or you value the traditional prestige of a critique from Kirkus Reviews, there’s a website designed to match every reader’s or author’s requirements for those ambitious authors who have taken the plunge into self-publishing, mastering how to market a self-published book is crucial. From leveraging the digital landscape to understanding the nuances of audience engagement, the right approach can significantly impact your book’s success.

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