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12 Remote publishing jobs in NYC, New York, United States


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The publishing industry is rapidly evolving, and New York City, a major center for creative industries, is leading this exciting transformation. So, in NYC, remote publishing jobs are growing quickly.

This offers an amazing chance for people who want to start or move forward in this vibrant industry. This article will look at 12 awesome remote publishing jobs in NYC.

We’ll explore how these jobs are changing the industry in exciting ways. These opportunities show how technology is blending with traditional publishing. This creates new chances for both experienced professionals and those just starting.

1. Digital Content Editor

A digital content editor at a local book publishing company plays a crucial role in crafting the content that readers engage with online. So, this job involves more than just editing manuscripts. It requires working closely with authors to bring their visions to life while ensuring that the final product matches the publisher’s wants. You must have a sharp eye for details as a digital content editor. You’ll be the one catching any mistakes and making sure everything looks right before it goes live.

But it’s not all about finding errors. You also need to understand the digital world well. This means knowing how people read online and what content catches their attention. In this role, you’re not just an editor; you’re a vital part of the team that shapes what readers see and love.

2. SEO Specialist for Publishing

An SEO specialist in a remote publishing job plays a vital role in increasing the online visibility of published content. This role isn’t just about tweaking website content. It’s a strategic position where you go deep into keyword research, understanding what readers are searching for. Then, you apply these insights to optimize web pages, ensuring they rank higher in search results.

This job is perfect for someone who loves the digital side of marketing and is passionate about books. It’s about connecting readers with the right content at the right time, impacting how well a book performs online.

3. Graphic Designer

So, as a graphic designer in the publishing industry, you’re at the heart of creating captivating book covers and eye-catching layouts. This remote job isn’t just about design; it’s about storytelling through visuals. You get the unique opportunity to collaborate with diverse authors across various genres, bringing their stories to life through your art. Each day brings a new challenge and the chance to inject creativity into different projects.

This role offers a dynamic and imaginative work environment where your designs become the first impression of a book, attracting readers and setting the tone for their reading experience. It’s a role that blends artistic talent with a love for books, making it an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for creative minds.

4. Public Relations Coordinator

So, as a Public Relations Coordinator in a publishing company, your job is vital for managing the company’s image and promoting its activities. In this remote role, you’ll do more than just routine tasks. You’ll be actively involved in talking with the media, organizing exciting book launch events, and running engaging social media campaigns.

Your role is essential in connecting the company with its audience and shaping how people see it. You can use your communication skills and creativity to promote books and authors, making a big difference in their success. This job is great for someone who loves working in a lively, fast-paced setting and is passionate about making strong connections in books and publishing.

5. Manuscript Editor

A manuscript editor for any writing company, like an American book writing company, is responsible for refining manuscripts for publication. This job isn’t just about making corrections. It involves deep structural editing and careful proofreading. Sometimes, you’ll work directly with authors, helping them to refine and enhance their work. This collaborative process is key to bringing out the best in each manuscript.

As a manuscript editor, you’re not just correcting errors but shaping stories into their best possible versions. Your keen eye and collaborative spirit help turn rough drafts into polished, ready-to-publish works. This role is perfect for those who love jumping into the depths of a manuscript and are passionate about bringing stories to life.

6. Audiobook Producer

So, Audiobooks are popular now, and in this remote job in NYC, you’ll be key in making them. It’s not just about overseeing things; it’s about being involved in everything. You’ll prepare scripts, work closely with the people reading the audiobooks, and check that the sound quality is really good.

This role is important for making audiobooks that listeners will love. You’ll need to use your skills and love for stories to ensure each audiobook sounds just like the book. This job is perfect for someone who enjoys making great audio and pays attention to details.

7. Literary Agent Assistant

So, in this remote job, you’ll be a key support to a literary agent. Your tasks include looking through manuscripts that writers send in, researching trends in the market, and talking with authors and publishers. It’s more than just a job; it’s a chance to understand how the literary business works.

This role is perfect for anyone eager to learn about the world of books and publishing from the inside. You’ll get a unique view of how books go from an idea to being published, making it an ideal role for those curious about the literary industry.

8. E-book Specialist

As an e-book specialist in a remote publishing job, you play a crucial role in the digital world of books. Your job is to take manuscripts and format them specifically for e-readers, ensuring they look good and work well on various devices. It’s not just about changing the layout; it’s about ensuring readers have a smooth, enjoyable experience while reading digitally.

You’re responsible for keeping up the quality and ensuring every e-book meets high standards. This role is perfect for someone who loves technology and books, combining these passions to help bring stories to life digitally.

9. Social Media Manager

In this remote job, you’re responsible for how a publishing company appears on social media. Your job isn’t just about posting updates; it’s about being creative and giving messages that capture people’s attention. You need to be great at communicating and connecting with an online audience.

Every day, you’ll use your skills to engage with readers, authors, and book lovers, making the company’s social media pages a vibrant and exciting place to visit. So, this role is ideal for someone creative and enjoys interacting with a community of book enthusiasts, keeping them informed and excited about the latest releases and news.

10. Freelance Writer for Publishing Guides

A unique remote job opportunity involves writing guides and articles about publishing. These could be about interesting topics like “How to Write a Book Report” or “Best Psychological Horror Books.” If you love writing and are passionate about publishing, this role perfectly fits you. You’ll have the chance to share your knowledge and insights with readers, helping them on their publishing journey.

11. Content Marketing Strategist

In this remote position, you’ll be the brains behind marketing strategies that promote books and authors. Your job is all about using your marketing skills to tell captivating stories. If you have a background in marketing and a deep love for storytelling, this role is a perfect match. You’ll connect readers with the books they’ll love, and it’s a role that combines your passion for marketing and literature.

12. Proofreader

A proofreader for a remote publishing job ensures that final manuscripts are free from errors. This role demands a meticulous eye for detail and a good grasp of language and grammar – skills that might make you ponder the “Wordtune vs Grammarly” debate in a new light.

The Future of Remote Publishing Jobs

The rise of remote publishing jobs in NYC reflects a broader shift in the publishing industry. These roles offer flexibility and the opportunity to work with diverse projects and teams. Each job carries its own set of responsibilities, from the creative input of a graphic designer to the strategic planning of a content marketing strategist. The responsibility of each author and publishing professional in this new trend is to adapt and thrive in a digital-first environment.

Remote publishing jobs are more than just work-from-home opportunities; they are a sign of the changing times in the publishing industry. They offer a chance to join a dynamic, evolving field embracing technology and new working methods. For anyone passionate about books and publishing, these jobs in NYC present a unique and exciting opportunity to be part of the industry’s future.


Remember, the publishing world is constantly evolving, and these remote publishing jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, there’s a place for you in this vibrant industry.

So, take the plunge and explore the endless possibilities that remote publishing jobs in NYC have to offer!

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