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How to Write an Ebook: Step By Step Guide


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Ebooks are one of the most excellent marketing tools available to business owners. They are also a great way to boost the reputation and exposure of your business right away.
It can also seem like a huge job if you need to figure out where to write an ebook. With this, you can make money, spread the word about your brand, and reach more people. Learn how to write a novel that stands out, starting with brainstorming an idea and ending with a polished product. 

What is an Ebook?

The term “electronic book,” shortened to “ebook,” refers to a digital version of a written book that can be viewed on electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. How Does Ghostwriting Work? Ebooks are essential marketing assets with different digital ‘pages’ that communicate information to the book’s consumer. In addition, so that viewers can easily share them, they are frequently presented in PDF documents.

Benefits of Writing EBook

HarperCollins’ sales of ebooks went up 38% in 2021, which is in line with the company’s trend of making more money. Even though this is just a sample of the success of one source, it shows that marketers are moving toward digital content consumption in a big way.

The reader is given:

  • Digital material with a lot of depth in a world dominated by quick titles and soundbites
  • Visual information that goes with the written information
  • Access to the book’s content whenever you want

Publishing a novel is also good for your business. This material can help you make money, get new customers, create buzz, and become a thought leader in your field, among other things.
There are many good things about ebooks, like how to find a ghostwriter, which is why academic institutions and organizations use them to give people honest information. Read on to find out the top reasons why ebooks are better than printed books:

1- Electronic books are eco-friendly

Read a novel and save a tree! The most obvious way that ebooks are suitable for the world is that they use less paper. However, there are other benefits as well.
Because ebooks don’t need to be printed or shipped, they also lower the industry’s carbon impact and make less trash that will end up in landfills.

2- Ebooks use technology to their advantage

With an app, you can write an ebook and don’t have to turn the pages to find a certain part. You can quickly look for a word or phrase as long as you remember it.
Ebooks also let you change the size of the text, highlight text or sections, and remember the page you were on, so you don’t have to use a bookmark or dogear. Plus, built-in definitions and translation tools mean you’ll never have to wonder what a word means again.

3- Save money and time

When ebooks were first thought of, the idea was to save time and money. One of the best things about ebooks is that they keep a lot of money and time. Students used to spend hundreds of dollars on books in shops, but those days are over. Also, they had to go from one town to another to get the information they needed. With ebooks in their pockets, they can get to anything in seconds.

4- Accessible Content

Unlike printed books, ebooks can be read by more than one person simultaneously. Ebooks have a networking function that lets you share the content with everyone nearby. You might give a printed book to one friend, but you can simultaneously provide an app for many people. Ebooks have allowed students and their friends to work with their bosses and teachers in real time.

5- A Huge Number of Books Online

The most exciting thing about ebooks is that they can be taken anywhere. It means you don’t have to worry about losing them if you take them somewhere.
You will be shocked to know a single ebook can carry thousands of ebooks inside it. Imagine if you had to lift 100 books at one time. How tough life would have been. This helps in lessening the burden. Students will gain from this because they must carry around fewer books at once.

6- Visually Appealing

Another exciting thing about e-reading is that you can quickly change the screen’s lighting to suit your eyes. Most e-readers have a dark mode that doesn’t strain your eyes. One of the worst things about ebooks is that students can read various things online.

Ways to Write an Ebook

Ebooks can boost your business’s exposure and reputation and make your brand look like a thought leader in your field. Therefore, How to Write an Ebook? Following are some great ideas on it. But these ebooks can be hard to write sometimes, even though they have a lot of benefits.

Here are some tried-and-true tips on how to write an ebook

1- Look into the market

If you’re writing ebooks to sell your business, the people you want to reach should be the same ones who would be interested in your product or service. If you are making an ebook as a stand-alone product, you should learn more about your ideal readers. 
Your users will be different, but it can be helpful to make a quick generalization based on things like age, type of job, or level of spending money. Studying these ideas is essential because they can help you decide what to write about or what answers to suggest.

2- Select a relevant topic

Remember that your ebook aims to generate leads for your sales team, so choose a topic that makes it easy for a prospect to go from getting your ebook to talking to your sales team. It means your ebook should stay within what you talk about in your other ways of sharing information. Instead, it’s your chance to go in-depth on a topic you’ve only touched on briefly so far but that your audience wants to know more about.

3- Bring out your content

If your company’s website has a blog, you already have a lot of content marketing work to do. You don’t have to make new content to write an ebook. Instead, you can use your old content in new ways. To do this, look through the articles you’ve written or other papers you’ve saved on your computer or drive to see if they can be used.

When you come up with new content, you must ensure it is good and keeps people interested.

The most important part of the process is what’s in your ebook. So, your word must go straight to the people you want to hear.

  • Ensure that the main text, headers, and titles are all written in a language your audience knows and uses.
  • Don’t use empty words, metaphors, or scientific terms in your work.
  • Statistics, facts, and studies should be helpful, correct, and up-to-date.

4- Outline each part of your book

The beginning of writing an ebook should set the scene for the rest of the book and get the reader interested. What will your ebook be about? How will reading it help the person who does it? Check out this post for tips on how to write a good beginning.
Some people who make ebooks say an ebook is just a bunch of blog posts. Each chapter should be treated like a separate blog post, but the parts of your ebook should also move smoothly from one to the next.
The best way to plan your ebook is to consider it a crash lesson on your chosen topic because it will help you sell more books. For my example of writing ebooks, I know I have to talk about how to:

  • Write a copy that works.
  • Design an ebook
  • Optimise ebooks for getting leads and advertising

5- Divide each part as you write it

Start to write! Here, you can approach each chapter like a great blog post by breaking it into smaller parts or bullet points, as shown in the picture below.
This helps you write clearly, so you don’t have to use fancy words to communicate your point. It’s the best way to teach people new things and help them understand what you’re giving them.
Also, make sure that the framework of each part stays the same. It helps you make smooth changes from one position to the next, so the story flows well from one to the next. 

6- Create Visuals with Images

Now that you have the information, an idea of how the parts will be set up, and a style guide, it’s time to make the pictures. Balance is the most important thing to remember when choosing images for an ebook. Use the Visme tool to add charts, maps, graphs, or diagrams to your content to make it more interesting. But don’t go overboard. Add just enough visual excitement to catch the reader’s eye.
On each page of the book, there should be a good mix of words and pictures. You can easily add your photographs to Visme’s library to use in your ebook. There are also a lot of free images you can use right inside the software.

7- Put quotes or statistics in bold

You can also improve writing an ebook by highlighting quotes or statistics in your design. Ensure that the quote or statistic you use adds something to your report. Keep all your content within the same spaces, even if you want to highlight a quote or add a picture. If your copy is consistently spaced one inch in from the left and right sides of the page, use that same space between your created parts to keep them straight.

8- Put CTAs in your ebook

Adding call-to-actions, or CTAs, is important for your marketing efforts unless you are writing a book or want to share your original writing. Depending on what you want them to do, you’ll use a different type of CTA, like “Read More” or “Learn More,” “Get it Now,” “Buy Now,” “Click Here,” and so on. If you put a call to action (CTA) in the right place in your guide, the customer will be more likely to click on the link and go to your business page to learn more about you.
CTAs are used a lot in marketing to get potential buyers into the sales process and get them to buy something. So, first, they learn about your product, which we call knowledge. Then they become interested in it, which is what we call interest. They decide to buy it, which is what we call a choice.

9- Share and Publish Your EBook

Once your ebook is done, you can post it and share it with your network. If you’re giving it away for free, you can share the URL where it’s published or the PDF file on your favorite social media sites, website, blog, or author page.
Ebooks are great ways to get people to sign up for your list, and you can give them away for free in return for their names and email addresses. So you can add more people to your email list. If you are charging for it, you need to think about how your viewers will be able to get it.

10- Sell and market your ebook

Lastly, it would help if you started spending money on promoting your ebook. The more you share your work with your audience, the more likely it will sell and give you a good passive income. You can start using your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts. Make some excellent graphics for social media or beautiful pictures that go with the style of your ebook, and then start sharing it with your friends and network.
Remember to tell your friends that they should also give the file to their friends. Each site has pros and cons; you can use all its features to get the word out about your work.

How to Write an Ebook: Step By Step Guide

EBook Ideas

Now that you’ve found a few popular topics, you must decide what kind of ebook to write. Here are the best e-book ideas. Choose the one that fits your writing best. 

The Complete Guide

A solid way to build influence is with a final guide. It’s a good choice if you know enough about your topic to tell your viewers everything they need to know, leaving nothing out.  If you do a good job, people will trust you more.  But remember that it has to be better than your competitors’ writing. 
Easy as pie. Right? Start by reading this blog post about writing a blog post. If you read this and change the word “chapter” to “headline,” you’ll have all the information you need to write your ultimate guide.

The Instruction Book 

What are you good at that other people want to know more about? It could be crafts, funny writing, Best Books On Stoicism, or a new skill like UX marketing that can make you money. Or you know everything there is to know about growing healing herbs or creating an email list.
No matter what it is, there are likely to be other people who want to learn more about it. But remember that you can be sure if you do your study. Start by writing down the steps you need to take to finish a project or get better at something. Then, give each step its part in your ebook.
How-to files are great lead magnets, like SmartBlogger’s famous cheat sheet Headline Hacks, which is all about how to write the best headlines in the world. 

The Case Study

A case study accounts for an actual situation and the steps taken to resolve it. The hope is that the viewer will be moved by it. A case study audiobook may contain a single narrative or present several parallel records, each of which motivates the reader toward more excellent professional or personal success.

The Beginners Book

These books are for people who want to learn something new. The best ebook writing service is the place if you want to improve your skills. For example, writers seeking more independent writing jobs may wish to improve their skills.
A good book for beginners should give information or directions and inspire the reader to use what they have learned. Some of them may do well on their own after reading your guide. People might come to you for advice, mentorship, or more in-depth training.

The Struggle for Oneself

Have you faced a complex or odd problem in your life? Or have you or someone you know get through hard times? The fight could be personal, like getting better from a disease that could kill you or coming close to dying. Or it could be about how you got out of poverty and became wealthy or successful in business after being poor as a child.
No matter what you’ve done, this EBook Ideas guide will work if you can relate. People must see themselves in you or the person you’re writing about. They have to believe that if you can get through these problems, so can they. 

Process of EBook Formatting

Your Editor has given your manuscript its final finish, and you’ve finally completed composing your novel. Putting that messy ebook format into book shape will turn it into something fans can’t wait to dive into.

1- Bring in your finished work

No matter what book writing services software you’ve been using, you can continue working on projects you started on any central word processor using the.docx import tool in the Editor. 

To keep all of your titles and chapter breaks, make sure to: 

  • Use “styles” for the titles and headings of each chapter; or
  • Every chapter should start with “chapter…” 

You can also copy and paste your book into the Book Editor and divide it into parts using the “chapter break” tool. During this process, remember that Reedsy will keep your manuscript’s current layout. Our software will keep titles, links, and inline styles (italic/bold).

2- Set up the chapters and lines

The formatting bar is an intelligent part of our tool for making books. All you have to do is choose the type of text or character style you want to use, and the rest of the formatting will be done for you.

3- Add pictures and breaks in the text.

Books that meet the standards of the business but are also original and personal? Brilliant! The next step of ebook format is to add to what you already have by:

  • Images and words
  • Endnotes
  • Text breaks 

4- Upload your book image

Now you can click the Export icon on our Export page, where most of the magic happens. Your cover should be the first thing you post here. Ensure you share a picture that meets the needs of the ebook shops you use to sell your book.

5- Export the files

We’re almost there! Now is the time to decide whether to make an ebook, print copies, or both. Based on this, you’ll also know if you need an EPUB or PDF file. 


How much does an ebook cost

Most ebooks cost between $2.99 and $3.99, with $3.99 being the most popular price. At the same time, it’s essential to know that if you charge more for your ebook, you might make more money by selling fewer copies.

Are ebooks profitable?

In 2021, US ebook sales reached $1.1 billion. It makes ePub self-publishing a great, flexible dormant income source. Ebooks are great lead magnets.

Can you edit an ebook?

Yes, it is possible to edit an ebook. Ebooks are digital files, typically in the EPUB or MOBI format, which can be easily edited using various software tools.

How much money can you make writing an ebook?

The amount of money you can make writing an ebook can vary greatly depending on factors such as the quality of your writing, the demand for your topic, your marketing efforts, and the platform you use to sell your ebook.

How long should an ebook be?

The length of an ebook can vary depending on the topic and the target audience. However, as a general rule of thumb, most ebooks are between 10,000 and 50,000 words long.

What type of ebook sells the most?

The type of ebook that sells the most can vary depending on the current trends and demands of the market. Therefore, Non-fiction how-to and self-help ebooks, Fiction ebooks, Children’s ebooks, and Academic and professional ebooks. 


If you still have questions about how much a book costs, American Book Writing gives you a place to print your book and get help with questions about book prices. Design a visually appealing cover and promote it to reach your target audience. You can create an ebook that engages and inspires your readers with discipline, hard work, and a commitment to quality.

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