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How Many Junji Ito Books Are There: Top 10 Series


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Junji Ito is a Japanese manga artist focusing on horror, body horror, and the supernatural. His works have been adapted into television shows, video games, and films, but his most widely known work is Uzumaki (2000), adapted into an anime film in 2000.

Although he produced many short stories for various magazines, he became more famous for his horror manga series.

With so many different series under his belt, keeping track of everything he’s done is hard. So, find out how many Junji Ito books are there with us.

Who is Junji Ito?

Junji Ito is an acclaimed Japanese manga artist born in 1963. He is hailed for revolutionizing horror within the comic medium. His creations are a macabre symphony, blending intricate storytelling with haunting visuals that leave an indelible mark on readers.

Ito’s fascination with horror began in childhood, inspired by his father’s collection of classic horror manga. This early exposure laid the groundwork for his future masterpieces. Tomie’s breakout work unveiled his distinctive style—a fusion of intricate, nightmarish illustrations and layered storytelling.

His genius lies in manifesting terror from mundane elements, infusing everyday scenarios with an unsettling, supernatural aura. Each tale explores human fears and anxieties, pushing the boundaries of horror while captivating audiences worldwide.

Ito-sensei, as he is affectionately known, employs grotesque imagery and psychological horror to weave chilling narratives. His renowned works include Uzumaki, an exploration of spirals that warp reality, and Gyo, which transforms everyday objects into horrifying, evil creatures.

How Many Junji Ito Books Are There: Top 10 Series

If you are finding out how many Junji Ito books are there and you haven’t ever read any of his books, then we suggest starting with the following ten books first.

1. Tomie:

Tomie introduces readers to the enigmatic and unsettling titular character—a beautiful girl with an eerie ability to regenerate from injury or dismemberment. This manga series unfolds as a series of interconnected stories, each revealing Tomie’s disturbing impact on those around her.

Tomie’s presence incites chaos, jealousy, and obsession among those who encounter her, leading to gruesome and horrific consequences. It explores the darker facets of humanity as characters grapple with their desires and the haunting presence of Tomie.

Through intricate storytelling and haunting visuals, Tomie captivates audiences by exploring the unnerving and surreal. The recurring theme of regeneration and Ito’s unique artistic style make this series an unsettling yet fascinating journey into the depths of horror.

2. Uzumaki:

Uzumaki is a captivating and unsettling masterpiece that plunges readers into the eerie town of Kurôzu-cho, where the spiral symbolizes terror.

This manga unfolds a bizarre and horrifying tale, unraveling the town’s descent into madness as its inhabitants become trapped by the spiral’s hypnotic allure.

The story grips readers from the onset, showcasing Ito’s knack for transforming the ordinary into the grotesque. As the obsession with spirals intensifies, the once-ordinary occurrences turn into harrowing nightmares, with people contorting and twisting in unnerving ways.

Ito’s intricate artwork complements the narrative, amplifying the dread with every intricately drawn spiral. The pacing builds tension relentlessly, leading to a crescendo of horror that leaves an indelible mark on the reader’s psyche.

Uzumaki creates a world where the seemingly innocuous spiral becomes a harbinger of terror. It ultimately reveals the dark depths of human obsession and the dreadful consequences it spawns.

3. Venus in the Blind Spot:

Venus in the Blind Spot compiles various of Junji Ito’s unsettling stories. It showcases his prowess in weaving tales that transcend traditional horror boundaries.

This anthology presents a mosaic of chilling narratives, each with its unique twist, inviting readers into the twisted corridors of Ito’s imagination.

Featuring selected stories from Ito’s repertoire, this collection traverses various horror genres, from psychological terror to supernatural phenomena. Ito’s knack for crafting narratives that linger in the mind is evident.

The artwork in Venus in the Blind Spot is a haunting companion to the narratives, capturing the eerie essence of each tale.

4. Lovesickness:

Lovesickness delves into the haunting consequences of unrequited love, spinning a tale exploring affection’s darkest corners. Through a blend of horror and tragedy, Ito unveils a narrative that grips the heart and chills the soul.

The story follows the pursuit of love and the disturbing lengths one must go to attain it. As the narrative unfolds, a sense of unease permeates, escalating into a chilling exploration of the twisted manifestations of love’s darker facets.

Ito’s ability to intertwine human emotions with the macabre is evident in Lovesickness. The artwork accentuates the narrative’s emotional depth. It evokes a profound dread and empathy for the characters embroiled in a cursed romance.

5. Shiver:

Shiver, the top pick in Junji Ito’s spine-chilling library offers a hair-raising collection of tales guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. This anthology showcases Ito’s mastery of the art of horror storytelling. Each story unfolds like a haunting melody, lingering long after the final page.

From eerie encounters to bone-chilling scenarios, Shiver immerses readers in a world where the ordinary morphs into the terrifyingly extraordinary. With impeccable pacing and nightmarish illustrations, Ito draws audiences into a realm where fear reigns supreme. Whether uncanny or outright horrifying, this compilation captures the essence of terror in diverse, spine-tingling narratives.

Through every turn of the page, readers are thrust into unsettling situations. They encounter evil entities, sinister occurrences, and unimaginable horrors. Ito’s signature artistic style brings these horrors to life, evoking a dread that transcends the pages.

Shiver is a testament to Ito’s unparalleled ability to craft fear-inducing tales. It showcases his versatility in exploring various facets of horror.

6. Frankenstein:

Ito’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein presents a darker and more visceral rendition of the iconic tale. It reimagines the story of ambition, creation, and the consequences of tampering with life’s natural order.

Ito’s interpretation delves deeper into the emotional turmoil of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his monstrous creation. The manga unfolds as a haunting narrative, exploring themes of existentialism, the nature of humanity, and the pursuit of scientific ambition.

Ito brings a fresh and chilling perspective to the timeless tale through his evocative illustrations. The intricate artwork and the narrative’s depth highlight the tragic consequences of unchecked scientific hubris.

Frankenstein is a testament to Ito’s ability to infuse classic literature with his signature style. It crafts a haunting and thought-provoking retelling that resonates with horror enthusiasts and fans of the original story.

7. Fragments of Horror:

Fragments of Horror presents a collection of chilling short stories epitomizing Junji Ito’s mastery of crafting diverse and unsettling narratives. Each story within this anthology serves as a macabre gem, exploring various horror themes and leaving an eerie imprint on readers’ minds.

From tales of twisted desires to encounters with the supernatural, Fragments of Horror immerses readers in a world where the ordinary collides with the horrifyingly extraordinary.

Ito’s ability to evoke a sense of unease through his intricate storytelling and haunting artwork shines through in this compilation.

Each story within this anthology stands alone, yet collectively, they form a haunting tapestry of horror. The illustrations heighten the chilling atmosphere, bringing to life the nightmarish scenarios and haunting characters.

8. Gyo:

Gyo introduces readers to a grotesque and nightmarish world where fish-like creatures with mechanical legs invade the land, carrying a horrid stench that induces terror among humans. The story follows the horrifying plight of individuals confronted by these terrible creatures.

Ito’s narrative skillfully combines body horror and psychological terror. It plunges readers into a harrowing experience where the line between the familiar and the grotesque blurs. The imagery of repulsive sea creatures roaming the streets infuses an atmosphere of dread and revulsion.

As the story unfolds, the terror intensifies, and the once-ordinary world transforms into a grotesque nightmare. Through illustrations and a relentless pace, Ito weaves a narrative that lingers in the mind. It offers a chilling exploration of fear and the grotesque manifestations of horror.

9. Deserter:

Deserter reveals a chilling narrative about a soldier’s fateful decision to desert. This leads him to seek refuge in a remote village. However, the seemingly tranquil facade conceals horrifying secrets that unravel as the soldier confronts unimaginable terrors.

The story grips readers with its eerie atmosphere and disturbing revelations. This showcases Ito’s ability to blend suspense and horror. As the soldier navigates the village’s sinister mysteries, a sense of foreboding permeates, escalating to a crescendo of terror.

10. Hellstar Remina:

Hellstar Remina ventures into cosmic horror, introducing readers to a gripping tale about discovering a new planet named after a teenage girl. However, as the planet draws nearer to Earth, catastrophic events unfold, unleashing chaos and terror.

Ito’s narrative transcends the confines of Earth, exploring the depths of space to evoke a sense of cosmic dread. The story continues with relentless momentum, blending science fiction and horror elements into a surreal and nightmarish journey.

Through intricate illustrations and a gripping narrative, Hellstar Remina navigates themes of cosmic insignificance and the terror of the unknown.


Junji Ito is a Japanese horror manga artist. He has written and illustrated over 100 books, but his most well-known series are Uzumaki, Tomie, Gyo, and Fragments of Horror.

These books have been translated into many languages and adapted into live-action movies, anime shows and video games.

In this article, we’ve explored Junji Ito’s top 10 best-selling manga series to better answer your find “How many Junji Ito books are there?”

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